Legoland Theme Park, Johor, Malaysia

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Legoland Malaysia is the number one tourist draw for families who visit Johor Bahru.

Regardless of what country you're visiting, Legoland is truly one of the happiest places a child can visit on the entire planet. You'll know as soon as you step foot inside and see all the smiles, laughter and all round good times of all the visitors.

The Legoland Malaysia Resort is split into 3 main areas, giving visitors plenty to do during their stay.

Main Sections of Legoland Malaysia

Here's a list of the main sections to experience inside the park:

  1. Legoland Malaysia Theme Park
  2. Legoland Malaysia Water Park
  3. Star Wars Miniland

1. Theme Park

After a day of walking around in the heat, the water park will quickly make it to the top of everyone's list. But not before stepping into the theme park after entering through the front arched gate. If you've never visited one of these locations before, you'll be amazed at the fanciful world that the makers of the park have created around the Lego theme.

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You and your children will first walk through the arched gate built to look exactly like it was made out of monstrous Legos.

The theme park has several sections to explore. Most families tend to spend their first 2 – 4 hours exploring this section before moving onto the water park or Star Wars Miniland:

  • The Beginning
  • LEGO Technic
  • LEGO Kingdoms
  • Imagination
  • Land of Adventure
  • LEGO City

2. Water Park

While many of the buildings inside Legoland are air conditioned, many of the attractions aren't. This means that the water park is seldom left out of any family's plans for the day.

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The water park has plenty of fun for the entire family with water slides, tube rides, wave riders, water blasters, and a unique boat building station where kids use Legos as building materials.

There's plenty of “cool” refreshing fun for the whole family including large water slides for older children and parents, and the DUPLO Splash Safari area designed with younger kids and toddlers in mind.

3. Star Wars Miniland

Star Wars Miniland is certainly worth a visit, whether you're a fan of the space-based movie and television series or not.

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There are currently 7 sections to miniland, each depicting scenes from each of the movies. Undoubtedly, an 8th room will soon be added in light of the newest movie “The Force Awakens.”

This is a fun way to spend 40 minutes at the end of your day and a great way for the kids to unwind and relax before leaving the park and heading back to the hotel.


A day at the park can certainly turn into an expensive one if parent's aren't careful. Every possible piece of Lego merchandise one can imagine is sold within the shops throughout the park including Lego sets of all kinds (including licensed Star Wars Legos), costumes, memorabilia, clothing, and souvenirs for the kids to take home with them.

Food outlets offer up pizza, pasta, fried chicken, Asian cuisine, hamburgers, and more. There's also snack stands selling popcorn, cotton candy, chocolates, and soft drinks of all kinds throughout the park.

Plan Your Trip

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